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USA Visa Resources

Investing In the Future with an Investor Visa

Posted: Feb 29, 2016 | Tags: usa visas, investor visa

Investing in America, Allows you to Invest in your Future Living the American dream isn’t just a hope for Americans, it is a vision that is shared by millions around the world. There are various ways that people make their way to America. There are various visa options available. You can even win a green card through a lottery process. But let’s talk about Investor visa. An…

ESTA Visa Waiver Makes Traveling to the US a Breeze

Posted: Feb 15, 2016 | Tags: ESTA, visa waiver

Sight-Seeing The Easy Way From New York to Los Angeles, there is plenty to see here in the United States. If you are from another country and want to do some sightseeing just for a short time, what are your options if any? There are a couple of visas that are viable options for you. But if you are wanting to be in the United States for a short period of time then you could…

Types of USA Visitor Visas

Posted: Feb 08, 2016 | Tags: usa visas, usa tourist visa, usa business visa, mixed purpose visa

Visitor's Visas - Introduction If you are not a citizen of the United States, you will need to get a visa waiver (if eligible) or a visa before you will be permitted to enter the country. If you are hoping to move to the US, you need to get an immigrant visa. If you are only planning on being here for a short time, a visitor's visa, or non-immigrant visa, will suit your…