P-3 Artist or Entertainer Visa


A P-3 classification is given to an artist or entertainer who wants to come to the United States temporarily to teach, perform or coach other entertainers. They can apply for this classification as an individual or part of a group under a program that is culturally unique. In order to qualify for this classification, you must be coming to the states and partaking something that is unique or traditional of a certain ethnicity or culture. You can be performing in a musical, theatrical or artistic performance. The event you are coming to the U.S. for must be a cultural event or an event that educated others in the development of your art form. The event can be of a commercial or a noncommercial nature.

To start the classification process, your U.S. employer must submit a I-129 form for a non-immigrant worker. Once the petition is approved, an application can be filed. After the application is filed, you need to set up an interview with the U.S. Embassy. If the application or interview is not completed, this could result in denial of the classification.

The period of stay under this classification is the length of the event that must not exceed 1 year. Extensions of up to 1 year can be granted. You may change employers, but they must file a new form I-129. Spouses and unmarried children may travel with the classification holder as long as they apply for a P-4 visa. The spouses and children can’t work, but they go to school or even college.

Because support personnel is so important to artists and entertainers, they can also apply for a P-3 classification as long as their work is an integral part of the performance. They do have to prove however that their services are unique and can’t be performed by another U.S. worker.