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B-2 Tourist Visa


If an individual is to traveling to the US as a tourist then they will be required to have a valid B-2 visa at the time. The only exemption from that is if your eligible to travel visa free under the Visa Waiver Program.

There are several different categories of activities that you can use a tourist visa for other than the obvious tourist activities

A tourist visa may be issued if you provide the following documentation supporting your claims on your application:

  • A medical diagnosis from a local physician, detailing the nature of ailment and the reason you need treatment within the US.
  • A letter from the doctor or medical facility in the US who will be treating you confirming they will treat you for a specific ailment. The ailment should also detail the projected length of the treatment and the cost of treatment for this such as doctors fees, etc.
  • Proof that your transportation, medical and living expenses in the US will be paid during your stay in the US.

An amateur entertainer can only use a B-2 Tourist visa if they’re performing in a social/charitable context or as a competitor in a talent show. The performer can’t make any money off of their performance. The individual may receive expenses relative to living expenses during the visit, but nothing more. An amateur performer is defined as someone who normally performs without being compensated.

Athletes are treated the same way. Amateur athletes can perform as a group of athletes competing in an athletic event for which you will receive no payment at all. You’re only entitled to incidental living expenses.If an athlete is normally compensated, he is not eligible to get a tourist visa

If your tourism visa is for educational study you must be studying for less than 18 hours a week. A tourism visa can also be issued if the program is recreational in nature. Studying for credit towards a degree does not count.

In order to apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa, individuals first need to fill out the Non-immigrant Visa Application Form.