USA Visas Affiliate Program

Are you passionate about travel and love sharing your experiences with the world through your content? Our program is designed for travel content writers like you who want to monetize their website or blog. By partnering with us, you can add value to your audience's travel preparations by providing them with a seamless visa processing service. Join us in simplifying travel for your readers while earning competitive commissions for every customer you refer. Get ready to turn your travel insights into income with USA-Visas.

USA-Visas affiliate program is designed to be a lucrative and easy-to-use solution for publishers looking to monetize their content. Here's how the program offers a range of benefits

What will you be promoting?

You will be promoting our USA Visa assistance services. These include services for travel authorisations such as the following:

You can implement our services in one or both of the following methods:

  1. Link to our site directly using your affiliate ID (subject to approval to our program).
  2. Use an iFrame snippet to the relevant form for a more streamlined experience for your users where they can apply without navigating away from your website.

You will earn $50 per traveler who applies using your affiliate ID or iFrame. The commission amount can increase depending on performance.

Why should travellers apply for a U.S. Visa through a third-party?

There are numerous benefits to applying through a trusted third-party, these are as follows:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Expert reviews prior to application submission
  • Free resubmissions in the event of mistakes or errors
  • 100% full refunds if the travel authorisation or visa is denied.
  • Assistance with visa interview scheduling and preparation if necessary

Why should you join the USA-Visas Affiliate Program?

[1] Simple and Flexible Terms

USA-Visas understands that flexibility is key. They offer straightforward, easy-to-understand terms that allow you to focus on creating content, not managing complicated agreements. This ensures that you can start earning with minimal hassle.

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[2] High Commissions

As an affiliate, you'll earn at least 25% of the revenue from each customer who uses the visa processing service through your links. This means your earnings are directly tied to your performance, providing a great incentive to optimize your content for conversions. Higher performing affiliates can earn up to 33% commission.

[3] Real-time and Monthly Reports

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to monetizing your site. USA-Visas provides real-time analytics and detailed monthly reports, so you can track your earnings, understand your audience's behavior, and adjust your strategies accordingly. Our team will also be available to assist you, ensuring you're setup to convert.

[4] Payouts in USD, GBP or EUR

Whether you're in the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Eurozone, USA-Visas makes it easy to receive your earnings. You can choose to get paid in USD, GBP, or EUR offering you flexibility and convenience no matter where you are based.

[5] Highly Converting Websites

The visa processing service you'll be promoting is designed to convert. With user-friendly design and a high success rate for visa approvals, the service's website ensures that your referrals have the best chance of converting into paying customers.

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[6] iFrame Widget or Referral Links

USA-Visas offers a variety of ways to integrate their services into your website. Whether you prefer a discrete referral link or a more integrated approach like a widget (iFrame) that fits seamlessly into your site's layout, they provide the tools you need for easy implementation.

Sign-up and Onboarding

Apply using the contact form, someone from our team will review your application and we will reach out. After we review your websites, we may follow-up with some questions prior to approval. Once you're signed-up you'll be ready to Promote, Convert, Track and Earn with USA-Visas.

  • Promote - After being approved, promote us using direct links with your affiliate ID, or by using an iFrame implementations to our application service.
  • Convert - Your website visitors will click through the links or complete the application using the iFrame on your website.
  • Track - Each order completed is tracked in real-time and you can elect to receive notifications of each order, along with a monthly report.
  • Earn - We pay out your commissions on a monthly basis for the orders occurring during the previous calendar month.

Join USA-Visas Affiliate Program

By partnering with us, you can add value to your audience's travel preparations by providing them with a seamless visa processing service. Join us in simplifying travel for your readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the branding guidelines?

The affiliate program has specific guidelines regarding promotional methods and branding. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is permitted, allowing affiliates to engage in paid online marketing strategies. However, the use of subnetworks is not allowed in this program. It's crucial for affiliates to maintain brand integrity; therefore, registering, purchasing, or using domains that include the USA-Visas or related brand name or its misspellings is prohibited to prevent confusion or the appearance of being an official part of USA-Visas. Additionally, affiliates must refrain from using intrusive advertising methods such as Pop Ups and Pop Unders, as well as any cookie stuffing techniques that forcibly place cookies in the user's browser. These rules are in place to ensure a fair and respectful marketing environment.

What are the restrictions on commissions?

The transaction value that commissions are paid on does not include VAT / sales tax, nor does it reduce based on payment card fees.

Are commissions ever declined?

Only in the event there was a breach of terms or the order was cancelled would commission not be paid out.

Are there any marketing restrictions?

There are no restrictions on the traffic sources used by affiliates of USA-Visas.